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I'm only using online poker for practice, really Thanks chimera about the note on multiple macs. That's an issue. Ideally, I'd like the set up to work across both my desktop and my laptop.

iHoldem Indicator - Poker Software for the Mac

I used an earlier version of Poker Tracker for Stars pre Black Friday, and if I recall correctly, that was an issue back then. The DB install wasn't really something you could share across multiple Macs. IThat's an issue. Me And yes for the 2nd question.

PT4 is the nuts. Now I just need to figure out how the hell to use it Could probably do more, but my brain can't quite handle more than two tables at a time Ok, thanks for all the feedback guys I just went ahead and bought PT4. Appreciate all the suggestions.

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Looking forward to learning how much of a Nit I am The ACR client is definitely a bit flaky. I do miss Poker Stars MattP If you have questions just ask i'm pretty well versed with it PokerCruncher.

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It's a super great piece of software. Fantastic tool. That way you can track their tendencies and make informed plays against them. It comes with a free 30 day trial and also runs stat reports, hand tracking and use of a HUD. BlazingStars For a lot of players, having a tool of hotkeys is very important for multi-tabling. Right now the main set of tools, TableNinja, does not have a Mac version. It has a set of tools that helps you hotkey your way at the tables for a more efficient poker experience.

If you plan to use Mac Poker Software, there are plenty of choices for you to select from for an amazing experience. Between many of the sites that have downloadable clients and one of the two main hand history tracking utilities designed for Mac OS X, you can really have just about the same experience as the Windows folks. Video review of Advanced Poker Training.

The ultimate online poker tracking and analysis tool that will provide you with useful statistics about your opponents while you play i. Mac compatible poker software that logs stats on you and your opponents and comes complete with a Heads-Up Display. The software is equipped with easy-to-interpret statistics and real-time analysis.

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A table selection service available within PokerTracker 4 that will help you find the weakest players. An overview of the features, cash game traffic, and tournament offering at PKR, one of the world's top graphic-heavy sites. One of the largest online poker rooms in the world, Poker has a publicly traded parent company. These policies severely limit the type of, and thus the amount of, software options available in the marketplace. However, that does not mean that all hope is lost.

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  • One can still use heads-up displays and tracking software though there are some restrictions on functionality. Heads-up displays are the main weapon in the arsenal of any online poker professional. They allow us to keep track of ongoing game conditions and provide statistics for us in convenient displays so that we can focus more on other aspects of our game.

    Free Hud Pokerstars Mac

    At Ignition's poker room , the game-play is all anonymous. However, short-term player tracking does function quite well! Short-term player tracking means that there is a program that can track player statistics in real time, on all of your Ignition poker tables, but it is limited to only tracking data during each individual session. In other words, when you leave the table, the data is lost. This is because players on the site do not have names; they only have numbers assigned to them based on what seat they occupy at any given table.

    And "player 1" at one of your tables is not "player 1" at another, so the software cannot aggregate the data. Players often ask us "what good is short-term, per-session stat tracking?

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    Let us face it: Most people looking for a HUD are pros, semi-pros, or, at the very least, aspiring pros, with a few hardcore enthusiasts thrown in for good measure. And as such, all of us are thinking about how to maximize the amount of money we win while playing poker.

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    Nowadays, especially in the US and Aussie poker markets, that requires playing on multiple poker sites at the same time since we can no longer rely on hugely liquid sites like PokerStars or When multi-siting, one is dealing with two, three, maybe even more than four different poker software clients at the same time. Arranging the lobbies, moving around the tables, hunting for new games, and playing the ones you're currently involved in takes a lot of focus and concentration.

    And this of course, no matter how good one is, takes some small toll on one's winrate. One of the best uses we have found for an Ignition HUD is to keep track of players on these anonymous tables while playing on multiple poker sites. Using the hand count number, one can easily see if the anonymous "player 3" at your table is the same fish you have been sitting with for an hour, or if he was replaced by a possible shark while you were involved in an all-in situation on another table and were not paying attention!