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  1. py2app 0.19
  2. 2.4.3 Not running on Mac OS X 10.8
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  4. Scientific Python on Mac OS X + with homebrew | Jörn's Blog
  5. UPDATED - Homebrew version after 1.5

This makes it easy to test your code on both Python 3 and 2.

Homebrew recently changed the names of Python-related binaries to avoid potential confusion with those bundled with macOS. As a result, pip became pip2 , et cetera. Between this change and the many new improvements in Python 3, it seems a good time to start using pip3 for all the examples that will follow below.

py2app 0.19

The following command will install Mercurial and hg-git :. Python packages installed via the steps above are global in the sense that they are available across all of your projects. That can be convenient at times, but it can also create problems. For example, sometimes one project needs the latest version of Django, while another project needs an older Django version to retain compatibility with a critical third-party extension. This is one of many use cases that Virtualenv was designed to solve.

2.4.3 Not running on Mac OS X 10.8

What happens if we think we are working in an active virtual environment, but there actually is no virtual environment active, and we install something via pip3 install foobar? That accomplished the isolation objective, since Pip was only available from within virtual environments, making it impossible for me to pip3 install foobar into my global site-packages by mistake. Thankfully, Pip has an undocumented setting source that tells it to bail out if there is no active virtual environment, which is exactly what I want. But once that option is set, how do we install or upgrade a global package?

For more information about virtual environments, read the Virtualenv docs. What is the best way to set Sublime Text 2 up to allow for running Python3 scripts?

Project links

Bryan Luby 4, 1 1 gold badge 19 19 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges. Do you mean building Python 3 - that normally means getting the sources and building the python executable?

Project description

I think you mean using Python 3 ie running a. Yes I mean running the build command for a python script in SublimeText2 not building Python - will edit to clarify. Thank you for editing in the code blocks, first question I have asked, will have to remember them next time.

Scientific Python on Mac OS X + with homebrew | Jörn's Blog

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This was the trick for mine. Created the folder and file before adding the key string pair, unfortunately I am still getting the error.

UPDATED - Homebrew version after 1.5

What does the path output in SublimeText show now? Can you help further?

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