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Just to check whether this could help me out. I used your MB OS 6. I have downloaded the. However when I connect my zip plus scsi or parallel port to my macintosh plus via 25 pin port , the macintosh plus boots up, and displays the icon for a floppy disk insertion. Do you have any idea on what step I messed up in your guide?

Is there any way I can check if I did something incorrect?

I have downloaded your MB OS 6. However when I attempt to boot up my macintosh plus using zip plus supports parallel and scsi the mac immediatly boots to the floppy disk screen. Unfortunately I no longer have a Plus and last tested the image on an SE. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Low End Mac’s Compleat* Guide to Zip Drives and Disks | Low End Mac

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Setting up your vintage classic 68k Macintosh — Using a 3. As an alternative, how might I go about erasing the many Zip disks I have so I can sell off or give the the whole shebang to a suitable retro Mac user?

iomega zip drivers for mac? | Tom's Hardware Forum

I'll offer a suggestion. It will cost you nothing to try it. Do this in the order presented : 1.

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Power down - all the way off leave ZIP drive connected. Have a ZIP disk 'halfway inserted' into the drive 3a. Push ZIP disk all the way in, and then. Hold down the option key on the keyboard keep holding it until the startup manager appears 4. You should now see your internal drive.

Mac Driver For Iomega Zip Drive 250 Mb

Click on it with the mouse pointer and hit return. The Mac should boot. When you get to the finder, do you see the ZIP disk on the desktop? When you boot with the option key held down, this instructs the Mac to 'scan all connected drives' to look for bootable copies of the OS. Once loaded, the driver should remain loaded until the Mac is shut down or restarted.

Does this work? It -used to work- some years back. Too bad there's no USB equivalent of that now. Click to expand.

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Thank you. I gave it a couple of tries to no avail.

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Clearly the Mac was reading or trying to read info from the disk because I could hear the drive spinning it and the indicator was flashing but an image does not mount and as I said before Disk Utility hangs when the drive is connected. The fact that the app Data Rescue 4 was able to recover files suggests to me that there should be a way to mount the volume. I would like to find a home for the drive and the many Zip disks I have at the very least but I at least need a way to erase them before giving them up. Did you ever figure out how to get your Zip disks to mount?

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I'm having a similar problem. I've tried hooking the drive up to two different macs, one running High Sierra, the other running El Capitan. With both computers, when the drive is attached and I run a system report, the USB Zip drive appears in system report, and the serial is detected. When I insert any of the 3 disks, the drive spins for a second, then stops. The light on the drive blinks fast for a minute or so, then blinks slow until I eject the disk. I haven't tried a Tech Tool Pro since it appears to cost money.

I've rebooted without the disks inserted in the drive, rebooted with disks inserted, rebooted and immediately inserted a disk and held the option key, all without success.

Other than it showing up in the System Report, there is no sign that the computer sees the drive.