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If you don't want to sign back in with your Apple ID, you can keep using iMessage and FaceTime with your phone number.

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If you sign out of iCloud and you don't keep a copy of your data on your device or your Mac, you can't access that data on your device or your Mac until you sign in to iCloud again. When you sign out of iCloud on the iPhone that's paired with your Apple Watch, you're automatically signed out of iCloud on your Apple Watch.

Open Menu Close Menu Apple. Scroll down and tap Sign Out. Turn on the data that you want to keep a copy of on your device. Tap Sign Out. Tap Sign Out again to confirm that you want to sign out of iCloud. If your email address ends with icloud. Then you can change your Apple ID to the correct email address.

How to Change an Apple ID & iCloud Account in Mac OS X

If you already have an Apple ID that's an email address, you can't change it to a phone number. And you can't change a phone number Apple ID to an email address. Tap Continue.

  1. If your Apple ID is a third-party email address;
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  4. Enter the Apple ID that you want to use. Tap Next. In the Account section, click Edit. Click Continue. Verify your new email If you change your Apple ID to another third-party email address, you need to verify your account. Use these steps on your Apple ID account page. Choose the one that you want to use as your Apple ID. I want my wifes to have the primary icloud account. All I need is my email.

    Change your Apple ID

    Oct 14, If you don't have ANY iCloud accounts right now, you should probably start with your wife's account, then create yours. Otherwise, you'll be posting a how-to-change-primary-account question on this forum, too!

    For example my wifes iphoto and itunes has all are pictures and music. I do not need any of it to get shared with my account.. Oct 21, 7: I have the same problem. My husband has the primary account apple ID using his yahoo and hasn't created an me account yet.

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    He's eventually going to convert over. But I created my me account at icloud. He doesn't care for all of the functions, only his email, contacts and calendars. I'm the one who wants full access to icloud so how can I switch my me secondary account to be linked to the 'primary' apple ID is yahoo. Or even better But yes, if you want full access to icloud be sure you create your me account to the primary first.

    I didn't know this and now stuck. Oct 22, 4: I did the same thing and now have the same questions.

    I hope someone is able to answer this question. Oct 22, 5: Because many iCloud services only work on the primary account, it is recommended that you use the same primary account on all devices you use with iCloud. If you have different accounts logged in as the primary account on different devices, those services will not push data between your devices. Oct 22, 8: Yep, that did the trick. I had tried deleting the accounts, but not both at the same time. I still needed to manually move the calendar and contact data, and that took awhile and raised a few other issues, but at least I have the right primary account for use on the Mac and all of my iDevices.

    Apple really needs to make this kind of information more accessible and simplify the process. I'm a year veteran of things Mac and consider myself above average in Mac knowledge, and still I'm having considerable trouble with Cloud and its myriad "gotcha's. So thank you very much for providing all of us with the solution to this latest but not last, I'm afraid issue! Oct 24,