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Environments and textures are four times more detailed, while anti-aliasing effects have been cranked up to 16x the mobile version. The game features full HD graphics, running full screen at 60 frames per second even on low-end MacBook laptops.

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Say goodbye to virtual d-pads and botched combos; Samurai II now supports keyboard and gamepad controllers, offering a new level of precision control. After the loss of his beloved, Samurai II's campaign takes hero Daisuke from a serene village to the Valley of the Damned on his quest for revenge.

With tons of enemies on screen, players can chain together huge combo attacks with devastating finishing moves. It also features Dojo mode, where the samurai battles wave after wave of vicious enemies to hone his skills and set high scores.

Top 10 Real Time Strategy Games

With a wide range of environments, tricky foes and massive bosses, the game is an action-packed treat for hack'n'slash fans. Quick and gory battle sequences: hordes of on-screen enemies fall to your devastating attacks.

Sword of the Samurai |

Intuitive control scheme: dice up baddies in style! Light RPG elements: unlock new combos and upgrades. Dangerous traps and puzzles: combat never takes a back seat to platforming. Gorgeous hand drawn comic panels tell the samurai's tale between levels. Dojo score-attack mode let's players hone their swordplay skills. Need console-caliber action on Mac? I did enjoy the first two games a whole lot, though, some of the voice lines and music will forever remain in my head.

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Commandos 2 also looked amazing back in the day. Man, this theoretically seems up my alley. Does it let you pause and issue commands? I'm not entirely opposed to my tactics games being fully real-time WH40K: Dawn of War 2 is pretty good but I'm certainly a lot better at them when I can micromanage without time constraints. The game has a demo on steam if you'd like to get a feel for it. Also this game has full control support, and it's quite nice. I'm past the second mission, well into the third which is a big complex type set up like a lot of classic Commandos maps.

Really awesome game so far. The feedback is fantastic for this kind of game and so far the level design is top notch. I just played a bit of the demo, and it turns out I'm still pretty bad at real-time tactical stuff.

The 10 Mac games you need to play from January 2015

Seems fun though! I'll definitely pick it up when it's on sale eventually. Daedelic is always good about discounting their stuff quickly. This game is soo coooooool.


I'm loving the hell out of it. Makes me sad that I hadn't really heard much about Commandos befor ethis. You can get them all cheap and give them a shot. This game has a lot more feedback to the player type stuff that has come with modern stealth games that is great but it's quite similar to those old games. Commandos 3 I really like and it feels more modern of course.

There is even more detail in some aspects of that game like fully 3D interiors of buildings. There are some cool missions in there like working alongside the D-Day landings and a mission aboard a moving train. There's also a Western themed game called Desperados that is a quality game of that type as well. Desperados seems extra cool just because I'm always on the lookout for a solid Western game of any type. Every kill you accomplish in the game is it's own individual puzzle. And use quicksave liberally. Love Commandos so when i saw this game, i had to have it. Been playing it on hardcore which is more in the tradition of the Commandos games. You can? How do you do it. The game does a good job, i think, with translating a complex variety of control options to a controller, via modifiers, but a lot of the controls can go over yer head.

I was 4 missions deep before i figured out how to command all your units to move at once, and i missed the bit in the tutorial about how to switch to your passive elimination option. On a somewhat similar note, i finished Satellite Reign which is a game on the verge of being great, but brought down by some bad design decisions, like lacking a quick save within enemy territory, that end up making it a bit tedious. Just started playing the demo and I love it.

I played the heck out of those games when they were new ish , and I had already given up hope to see anything like these ever again. Hi ArtisanBreads ,. I've found this thread 5 days ago. As every year I search for similar games like Desperados and Commandos. And what can I say.

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Really thank you for this great suggestion. I played this game for hours now and it is really cool. Having just played the demo for PS4 I encourage everyone to give this game a go. My PC couldn't run it so glad it got a console release and some very decent controls to complement it.

I always loved that genre and was sad to see it just vanish basically. I couldn't believe how well executed this game was and modernized in good ways.