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The following video is a parody of the Mac vs. PC commercials, with the characters from South Park.

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This amazing parody using South Park-ified versions of the original ad has racked up a whopping 20 million YouTube views.. Video uploaded by South Park Mac vs. PC on April 30, The company later changed its name to just Apple, Inc. The ad ran for three years, from to The advertisements used in the campaign have become very easily recognizable by the public, because each advertisement followed a standard simple template.

Both actors then briefly discussed the capabilities and attributes of Mac and PC. The earlier commercials involved a general comparison of Macs and PCs, whereas Apple decided to focus the later ones mainly on Windows Vista and, later still, Windows 7.

Phil Morrison directed the original ads. At least two dozen of them were dubbed into Italian, Spanish, French, and German. The Japanese campaign featured the comedic duo Rahmens. It shows the PC covered in stickers. Kids have these wild imaginations, blogs, movies, and pictures they like doing.

Overall, the media certainly liked this campaign and thought the ads were positive and effective for Apple.

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Years and years later Microsoft struck back very similarly with their strategy in their Windows Tablet vs. These commercials actually turned out to be quite hilarious and ironic. The entire Microsoft campaign is a comparison between the two tablets and what they can do. Microsoft points out all things their Windows tablet can do and the features it has that the iPad does not such as its USB drive, snapping on keyboard, as well as its significantly lower price.

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The Apple vs. Microsoft battle has existed for years with each company always taking shots at each other.

Other celebrities approached for different campaigns

Apple has been known to throw many witty comments into their World Wide Developer Conference Keynotes. Even taking shots at a specific time during a Microsoft presentation when their demo tablet failed to work. These two companies are always thought of as enemies and opposites: There is great irony in this however. Although Steve Jobs has passed, him and Bill Gates were known to have an incredible relationship, and were great friends during all of the feuds.

Another similar campaign to this was also the DirectTV vs. Dish Network, where DirectTV would also describe how they were superior to Dish in each one of their commercials. Studies have shown that most people do not actually know if they are persuaded by an advertisement because so much of it is done psychologically.

Case Study: “Mac vs. PC” Advertisement Campaign - Hannah's Media Leap Blog

Therefore for one to say the ad did not work on them is not always a completely valid statement. This can work both ways. However, often someone says that something worked for them, then it most likely did. Their sales showed a finite increase so to claim it did not work would be difficult.

People often think there is no such thing as bad publicity, so even if this did attract much negative attention, it still attracted a great deal of it. DeWitt, P.

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Complete 66 Mac vs PC ads + Mac & PC WWDC Intro + Siri Intro

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A decade later, ad team behind iconic 'Get a Mac' campaign recounts development & production

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